Amy Wind Jill Falconer

President Vice President

Colleen Rentsch Bonnie Tringali

Treasurer Secretary

Lynn Andre Nanette Dutcher

Chris Frediani

"Who We Are"

The Lakeport Enhanced Education Foundation is a non-profit community-based organization established to provide financial support to education in Lakeport. Founded in 1992, LEEF was started by a small group of Lakeport residents who shared a common concern for funding education in the Lakeport community.

“What We Do”

The purpose of LEEF is to fund excellence in education and to broaden educational opportunities in Lakeport. Our emphasis is on public education in kindergarten through twelfth grade. LEEF's grant program provides funding for educational enhancements as well as networking special projects. Particular attention has been given to district wide improvement and programs which otherwise would not exist or would operate at a lower level because of funding constraints.

"Why We Are Needed"

It is increasingly difficult to ensure funding levels necessary to maintain educational excellence in Lakeport. In the face of budget constraints and mandates, the need for private investment in our public schools have never been greater. A grassroots effort such as LEEF is an effective way to maximize innovation in our schools and achieve educational opportunities.

"How We Will Do This"

LEEF believes that it is time for a broader and deeper support of education by the Lakeport community. LEEF raises funds from the local community, then returns the money to the Lakeport public schools through its grant program. Your involvement in LEEF can be your opportunity to contribute, in a positive and long-lasting way, to the children , the schools, and the community of Lakeport.

Founding Members

Peggy Campbell

John Cook

Ilene Dumont

Erin Hagberg

Larry Juchert

Michael Molligan

Former Members

Jodi Mansell

Jeannie Markham

Dana Thoman

Dina McCrea

Marcia Wells

April Knoll

Patricia Marigo

Carol Kenner

Becky Jeffries

Linda Banfill

Phyllis Gabehart

Melody DeLeon

Renee Teverbaugh

Carrie Omiotek

Jennifer Wright

Nancy Thornton

Eileen Kalk

Sheri Otis

Jan Parkinson

Debbie Nordell